What is the President’s Brain Trust? – Episode 1

If you’re about to take one of the toughest jobs in the world, the first task would be to hire a trusted team. They are your eyes, ears, and extension of your brain. Host: D.T. Du

George Washington’s Cabinet and Lessons for Presidential Leadership – Episode 2

How Washington and his core team of advisers handled crises facing early America and how they helped pave the path for future presidents to expand their authority in response to the country’s needs.
Host-D.T. Du, Guest-Dr. Lindsay Chervinsky

Leadership in Wartime Pandemic – Episode 3

President Wilson’s White House launches a public campaign to garner moral and financial support for World War I. Winning the war came at a great cost. Learn about the sadly forgotten health pandemic–the Spanish Flu–which claimed more lives than violence on the battlefield. Host: D.T. Du.

Digging out of the Great Depression – Episode 4

The Great Depression was a catastrophic event that affected a generation of Americans and changed all facets of life. Learn about President Roosevelt’s legacy and lessons learned from how FDR’s White House dealt with unprecedented dangers. Host: D.T. Du. Guest: Sean Crosbie, Washington, D.C.-based labor economist