President’s Brain Trust Pre-Sale Announced!

I am thrilled to announce that my book is available for pre-sale on Amazon! The E-book will launch President’s Day 2021 for my early reader community. Paperback and hardback will be available to the general audience President’s Day 2022.

If you pre-order the book now, it will be an ebook. But there are benefits to pre-ordering now:

  • A Personal thank you note for pre-ordering my book.
  • Early access to the Introduction of my Book and some additional sections of my manuscript, with the opportunity to review it and give me early feedback.
  • The opportunity to help give me feedback.
  • Extra bonus: upon request, I will do a book topic/workshop seminar where I will share my lessons learned from writing the President’s Brain Trust.

And more…

Join my Beta Reader Community and be a part of my journey. Your name will appear in my Acknowledgements:

  • Read My Introduction Early
  • Acknowledgements Recognition
  • Invitation to My Launch Party
  • Personal Thank You Note

After you pre-order, please be sure to message me, and I will personally follow up!

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D.T. Du

Economic historian with an interest in rhythms, rhymes, and repetitions from the past.

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